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Award: "Golden Hermes" for the best advertising campaign of the year (2011). Annual Festival of Greek Advertising.  

Advertising Company: Bold / Ogilvy

Product: Panafon CU - Prepaid mobile service

Client: PANAFON S.A.


Creative Director: Manolis Filaitis

Art Directors: Alexandra Kokkevi, Alexandra Zafolia, Marilora Kapodistria

Copywriters: Manolis Filaitis, George Iakovidis



The award was a result of team work. 

The concept and animation design for a series of tv spots was my contribution

to this campaign. The idea was to implement the slogan “communication in two lines” in a captivating and original way for tv commercials. Two lines in motion interact in various ways (flirting, playing basket etc.) and form the logo at the end of the spot.


Here is the first spot: “See you (CU) Love”

AAM Marketing Award

American Association of Museums


Print ad for the exhibition "Sigmund Freud" at the Jewish Museum 

Advertising company: AD Lubow Advertising

Art Director: Alexandra Kokkevi

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