St. Nicholas Monastery of Paou in Argalasti, Pelion was founded in the early 18th century. The building's architecture and decoration was mainly work of traditional craftsmen. The nave and vestibule are decorated with murals depicting scenes

of the Apocalypse and the Garden of Eden.


In 1985, the community of Argalasti ceded the Monastery complex to the University

of Thessaly. Since then the monastery functions as a conference center serving academic and cultural needs for the University and the wider region. The natural beauty of the area and the possibility of hosting a small number of visitors make it an ideal place for conducting cultural and scientific events.

The gift shop located in the Monastery complex sells a variety of products.

Here is a sample of the products I designed:


1. postcards

2. notebooks

3. bookmarks - calendars

4. magnets with the monastery emblem

5. magnets with details from the murals

6. packaging for the olive oil and soaps produced from the olive groves of the monastery

The design includes the photography of the murals and the surroundings.

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